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For a whole carcass, our current pricing for 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef is $7.50 per lb. of hanging weight.

This price includes delivery within a 100-mile radius from Goliad, Texas. Over 100 miles is billed at $3.00 per mile.

You will specify the choices of cuts. There is a $1500 nonrefundable deposit per carcass.

The remaining balance is collected after we receive a confirmed hanging weight from the processor.

After dry aging for 2 weeks, the processor converts the hanging carcass into your specified cuts, vacuum seals the packages, labels the meat, and freezes it.

I then pick up the frozen meat and deliver the product directly to you.

Once your order is placed, it typically takes 3-4 weeks for you to receive your meat.

Four Stages of Beef

1. On the hoof – A walking cow
2. Hanging – A semi processed state in which the cow is skinned, gutted and ready to be quartered and processed.
3. Dry aged– Dry aged beef for 2 weeks unless customer specifies differently.
4. Packaged vacuum sealed – Ready to be cooked

Our animals are about 24 to 30 mos. old and weigh approximately 750 lbs. The hanging carcass weight is typically 48% to 50% of the hoof weight or an average of about 363 lbs. The price on a 363 lb. hanging weight carcass would be $2722.50 per animal or $1769 per half carcass.

The half carcass is half the hanging weight cost plus 30%. The processing is another $2 per lb. of hanging weight, an average of $726 in this example. This would come to a total cost per whole animal of $3448.

The packaged meat yield varies depending on the cuts requested, the amount of bone removed, etc., but averages around 65% of the hanging weight. In this example it would come to 236 lbs.

Since this includes all of the higher priced cuts such as filet mignon and rib eye, it is an excellent value compared to buying by the cut. Additionally, the value of healthy, nutrient dense food is immeasurable.

For further details on payment and custom processing, please click here to contact us